Invitation International Homebrewhappening

International Homebrewhappening

saturday november 7th 2009

Gathering of Alvinne Brewclass 1 to 7, we also want to welcome all homebrewers       

Waar?      Picobrouwerij Alvinne, Mellestraat 138, 8501 Heule        

 “Homebrew”HAPPENING  van 10.30 am tot 6 pm

Homebrewers will introduce their beers. You can also taste all Alvinne beers ofcourse.

  • tasting og homebrewed beers
  • You pay 10 euro entrancefee 
  • All homebrewed beers can be tasted for free (as long as available)
  • Soup and bread  à volonté and for free (as long as available)
  • pleasent gathering of homebrewers
  • The beershop “Den Bierzolder” will be open


10.30 am      Beginning of the International “homebrew”happening (with homebrewers from Germany and the US)

2 pm      Graduation Brewclass 2009

6 pm     The end

Please notify us if coming before november 1st 2009. A mail to will do.

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17 11 2009
Alvinne homebrewfest 2009 « The Smoking Bottle

[…] homebrewfest 2009 17 11 2009 On the 7th of november was the Alvinne homebrew gathering. 12 homebrewers (myself included) served 20-something beers. This is the event I mentioned that I […]

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