Picobrouwery Alvinne, 5 years of brewing

8 12 2009

In december 2004 we got a green light from accize to become an official brewery (before that we were a brewfirm brewing at De Graal). In those five years we had some good and bad times. We have learnt a lot during that time, we’ve met some fantastic people and made a lot of friends. The brewery has outgrown the wooden chet and tryed to be innovative with projects like Den Proefzolder, Den Bierzolder and brewingclasses for homebrewers. We are proud of what we achieved and hope to go on for many more years with passion for craftbeer. My friends, we would like to thank everyone who helped us during those five years, among them quite a lot of people visiting this blog. Thank you!

We have some more good news. From january 1st, the Alvinne-team will have a third partner, Marc De Keukeleire. Marc has his roots in homebrewing and cultivated his own yeast, Morpheus-yeast. We’ve been using this yeast in several of our beers lately (last batch Podge and Balthazar, Alvino, Kerasus). Marc is also an expert on cleaning and desinfection. But above all, he’s someone who shares our passion and love for good beer. We have some good times ahead of us. cheers!

Glenn, Davy & Marc



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