Pré-ZBF: guide to a good festival

23 02 2009

Only a few days to go and the Pré-ZBF festival is a fact.  To help you out and give you as much information as needed, I have put together a guide to a good festival.

1. Arrange transportation: bus, train to Kortrijk, train from Kortrijk

2. If you come on friday and you want to use our taxi-service:

  • check availability
  • make reservation by mailing
  • you will recieve a confirmation mail
  • when you arrive at Kortrijk Station, go to the backside of the station (towards railway nr 8b, Minister Pieter Tacklaan), take the stairs on the left, the taxi will pick you up in the kiss & ride zone
For pré-ZBF taxi, take left

For pré-ZBF taxi, take left Minister P Tacklaan

Exit backside station Kortrijk and Kiss & Ride zone where the taxi will pick you up

Exit backside station Kortrijk and Kiss & Ride zone where the taxi will pick you up

  • Pay the taxi-driver (Pieter) 5 euro for a go & return ticket. Please use exact change if possible.
Pieter, our taxi-driver

Pieter, our taxi-driver

  • Pieter will check the passengerslist and give you a return ticket
  • TO GET BACK: be on time!!! If you miss your taxi, you might have to wait untill there is a place available in one of the later rides

3. Arrival at the brewery: tastingglass and tokens

  • get your tastingglass (downstairs, next to Struise & De Molen)
  • pay a depostit of 5 euro (wich you get back when returning the glass), try to use exact change
  • you will also recieve the final beerlist and a numbered wristband (to keep track of numbers)
  • go upstairs to Den Proefzolder (attention, narrow passage, mind your head on the stairs) where you can buy tokens
  • Tokens are 1,25 euro a piece, but to keep it simple you need to buy at least 4 at a time (4 tokens = 5 euro, 8 tokens = 10 euro, …)
  • If you spend 25 euros (i.e. 20 tokens) on festival beers, you will recieve a coupon.  Then, you can take the coupon to the beer shop.   For every subsequent 20 euros you then spend in the beershop on bottled beer to take away, you can present your coupon to get a bottle Alvinne Pipedream for free.  Note that you must have your coupon when spending the 20 euros in the beer shop to qualify for the free bottle of Pipedream (i.e. you must have already spent 25 euros on festival beer tokens).

4. You want to order a beer:

  • All Alvinne beers, including Alvinne Pipedream and Keralensis (both collaboration brews), can be tasted upstairs (Den Proefzolder)
  • All De Molen and Struise beers can be tasted downstairs
  • It means you might have to climb the stairs a few times, just remember, it’s good for your health 🙂
  • you get your 13 cl tastingglass filled for a token, cheers

5. You want to order some food:

  • The brewerykitchen is located at Den Proefzolder, just opposite of where you bought your tokens
  • make your choice and order the food
  • pay with tokens (Brulée of goatcheese and Romanesco-cauliflowersoup with mussels = 4 tokens, Panne”stoof”pot = 5 tokens)
  • A portion of artisan cheese, a portion of Balthazarpaté = 2 tokens)
  • there will be some places to sit down and eat
  • enjoy your meal
  • bring back the dishes to the brewerykitchen

6. You have ordered a T-shirt:

  • go to beershop checkout (same place as where you bought tokens)
  • just give your name and the size you ordered, pay 20 euro and this exlusive T-shirt is yours

7. You want to buy beer in the beershop:

  • preferably, do your shopping when arriving at the brewery
  • boxes for 75 cl bottles, 33 cl bottles and plastic bags will be available in the beershop
  • there will be a crewmember to help you out if necessary, e.g. by making some new boxes, helping you carry the beer downstairs when you leave the festival, …
  • put the beer you want to buy in a box(es) and/or bag(s)
  • go the the checkout and put your name on the box(es) and/or bag(s)
  • don’t forget to give your coupon for a free Alvinne Pipedream  if you have one
  • we will put your box(es) and/or bag(s) aside and will make your bill as soon as we have the time for that, you don’t have to wait and can enjoy your beers. We will keep all boxes and bags behind the counter with the bill sticked to it
  • when you want to leave the brewery, you collect your box(es) and/or bag(s) and pay your bill, CASH ONLY (no creditcards or bankcards, sorry)

8. You need to go to the toilet:

  • men: toiletfacilities outside the brewery
  • woman and crewmembers: toiletfacility inside the brewery (floor between downstairs and Den Proefzolder)
  • no charge to go to the toilet

9. It’s time to go:

  • you bought beer in the beershop: collect your beers about 30 min before you want to leave
  • turn in your tastingglass and get back your 5 euro deposit
  • make a note in our guestbook if you want, we would appreciate it
  • you ordered a taxi: make sure you’re 5 minutes early outside the brewery. It’s impossible for Pieter to come and look for you. Give him the return ticket, he will check the passengerslist and bring you back safely

10. We really hope you have enjoyed the festival. Have fun at the Zythos Beer Festival as well

11. You’re back home:

  • you have made pictures and have put them somewhere on the internet, please let us know, so we can make a link
  • you have some remarks, idea’s, whatever that could help us to do a better job in the future, please let us know
  • you have bought some of our beers, ENJOY them 😉



10 responses

23 02 2009

Geweldig mooie “how-to”, Glenn. Thumbs up!
Ik zal misschien ook eens zoiets opmaken voor het kerstbierfestival.

23 02 2009

Ge moet uw gasten soigneren hé, een beetje bij ’t handje pakken :-). Alle gekheid op een stokje, zo’n how-to lijst is organisatorisch echt handig. Zo beperk je het aantal zaken die je over het hoofd kan zien.

8 05 2011
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