Pré-ZBF: Alvino Bourgogne Barrel Oak Aged

5 02 2009

We should start with a confession. This experiment started with a mistake. We were actually brewing a new batch of Alvinne Oud Bruin using the Morpheus wild yeast previously used in Kerasus. Unfortunately and beyond any explanation, we forgot to use roasted malts. Much to our surprise Alvinne Oud Bruin wasn’t brown at all. Instead of using coloured sugars to make up that little mistake, we decided to do something completly different. We put around 40 kg of grapes on this 420 l batch, let it ferment and aged this beer in Bourgogne Oak Barrels. Only 5,5 ABV, but so complex. If wine could taste like beer, it should be something like this ;-).

We will repeat this experiment once a year. Alvino Bourgogne Barrel Oak Aged vintage 2008, only 563 bottles available.

Alvino Bourgogne Barrel Oak Aged

last bottle

last bottle



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